iMatter for Kids
Be Kind. Be True. Be 'Greatful'. Be YOU!

iMatter for Kids

Be Kind. Be True.
Be 'Greatful'.

Modeling Entrepreneur Leadership
Empowering Kids  

Every day children face thousands of choices. Studies show that the human brain can only effectively handle 7-12 choices at a time. When faced with all of this input, children lose focus. It becomes challenging to sift through all of the distractions. When there is self-doubt, there is fear and lack of security. If children are given a guidepost, something that grounds them, gives them security, and helps them to focus and priority, life becomes less challenging and more enjoyable. 

iMatter for Kids provides this guidepost. Exploring personal beliefs in a non-threatening environment allows them to take initiative and accept personal reasonability for their behavior and thoughts while demonstrating the self-assurance that makes them leaders. iMatter for Kids provides each participant with tools, tactics, and the mindset to implement what they believe. 

Children with this awareness become more engaged students and citizens as they are happier, healthier, more thoughtful, and confident. 




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iMatter for Kids Programs

Peer-to-peer mentor program

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Create positivity through attitude, gratitude, and relationships
  • Engage in community

sophomore summit

  • Create a roadmap to success
  • Prepare for college
  • Define a positive attitude

LINKS at lunch at seaholm high school

  • Peer-to-peer relationship building
  • Create inclusiveness
  • Learn social skills